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Day 5 post amputation here. Vinny is still doing well. The incision seems like it’s healing properly, and today is the last day of his tramadol prescription. Mobility wise, he’s walking around just fine, but takes more breaks to lie down. And luckily, he really knows his limits – and hasn’t tried to jump up anywhere yet. We’ve gone back to pretty much normal life, which means migrating from the safe space of the bedrooms, to having the roam of the whole apartment. I’ve also left him alone for a few hours at a time (well, with the dog and other cat), and he’s been fine. Personality wise, he seems fully back to his normal self. And he’s back to being very vocally demanding when it’s meal time, haha. It’s amazing how they just “know” what time it is.

Since we’re spending more time in the living room again, I saw him eyeing his favourite chair today. But he knows that he is not ready to jump up yet. I set up a little step stool for him, so he can get up when he is ready. He is the epitome of “the curious cat”, and always wants to investigate anything that is new, something out of place, or furniture moved around. He instantly came to the stool when I moved it there.

Less than 10 seconds after I put the stool here, he came to it and plopped himself down on it, making his claim for it.

Should I go for it, mommy?

Thinking hard about it…

Not yet. Maybe later. Nap time for now. 🙂 Baby steps!

5 Responses to “Day 5 – Vinny’s Chair”

  1. benny55 says:

    Awwwwww, what a group of sweet photos,! You can definitely see Vinny thinking about his chair! I love how he made the stool his! And he made it look so comfy! I bet when he gets his little clar ff he’ll go for it! We’ll all look forward to that photo!

    Thanks for the delightful pictures and commentary! You captured his thought bubble perfectly!

    Give Vinny an extra treat on me tonight okay? 🙂 He’s so darncute!


    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

  2. jerry says:

    Oh Vinny those pics crack me up! I’m gonna bet that cats see pink elephants too when they’re high on Tramadol?

    You look good though, keep up the pawesome recovery handsome. Love the blog, you make us smile!

  3. rica55 says:

    Oh Vinny!!!! you are looking AWESOME!!!! You’ll get there buddy! It took Jill a few days, but now she’s jumping around great, she just needs a litttle boost!!

  4. leland4 says:

    Oh Vinny you are just adorable!! You’ll make it back up into your favorite chair…I know it!!

    I’m glad his recovery is progressing so well. His incision site from the previous pics really does look good. Also, I’m happy that his old personality is shining through.

    Keep up the good work Vinny…you’re doing AWESOME!!

    Sahana and her Angel Leland

  5. KJ & Vinny says:

    Thanks everyone!! We really appreciate your support & encouragement! 🙂

    Love, Vinny and his human KJ <3 xox

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