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One Week A Tripawd

Today is just over one week since Vinny’s amputation. He is still doing well. He is doing all his eating, drinking and elimination functions properly and getting around well.

He’s been off the tramadol for two days, and I’m not sure if I am imagining it, but he seems a little “blah”. Hard to explain, really. Just a bit off from his usual self, or even the way he was a few days ago. He is also moving a bit slower than a few days ago. He is not hiding away from us at all, and he is eating and drinking fine, so these are positive signs. He is still on Metacam for another three weeks, so he has some pain relief there, but I’m not sure if he still needs a couple more days of tramadol. I may be just being a bit paranoid. It is probably just the normal ebb and flow of a major surgery recovery. I left a message with Vinny’s doctor tonight, so we’ll see what they say tomorrow.

He hasn’t gotten up into his favourite chair yet, but he started getting up on the couch yesterday, and several times today. Partially jumping, partially pulling himself up with his claws, haha. Whatever works! 🙂

His incision site has healed magnificently. It’s totally clean, the skin is his normal colour, and it’s perfectly scabbed a tiny bit in the centre. He doesn’t mind when I touch it at all, and he lies on that side all the time now. One end of his sutures came kind of loose somehow, and there wasn’t enough threading for me to tie a knot, so I had to use a tiny piece of duct tape to get it from unthreading itself. It works perfectly. It’s not duct taped to his skin or fur, but just stuck to the end of the nylon thread, instead of a knot. And it’s fluorescent pink – haha! That’s the tiny bright pink part you can see in a couple of the photos below.

I think he is getting annoyed by the e-collar, so I do take it off him when I am able to keep an eye on him. But he is still really keen on licking the incision area and I don’t want him to mess around there, since it’s doing so well.

We are still waiting to hear about the surgical margins on the amputated leg; hopefully we will hear something on Monday. And we have an appointment with the oncologist for next Wednesday. He will have his sutures out, and a consultation about the next treatment options. He may also have a first chemo treatment that day too.

Day 6 – First time getting up on the couch on his own!


Really proud of himself – up on the top of the couch today!


Friday night movies and furry cuddles 🙂


Hanging out right now beside me as I write this :) <3 <3 <3

Hanging out right now beside me as I write this 🙂 <3 <3 <3


*** UPDATE ***

Late last night, after I wrote this post, he got up into his favourite chair unassisted and without a stool! 😀 Yay Vinny! I also put my bed back to its normal height last night and he was able to get up there himself this morning too. 🙂 <3 <3

Vinny in his chair <3 All by himself! After only one week. Amazing!

3 Responses to “One Week A Tripawd”

  1. benny55 says:

    YAAAAAAAAAY. VINNY!!!!!! So much good news wrapped up in your update!!!!

    You are doing a splendid job of getting your sparkle back! Absolutely splendid!

    AND YOUR PICTURES! OMC! If that isn’t the epitome of a cat being smug and soooooo proud of himself, I don’t know what is! Loving these photos!

    As far as pain meds…and I’m no vet…to only have been on Tram for five days seems a little short. I know a lot of cats are put on something that starts with a “B” I think…huge help, right? It seems it works well for cats and they can stay on it a little longer. It seems vets don’t like to leave cats on Tram. very long. ANYWAY, omething to ask y o ur vet about. Leg amputation hurts!

    Keep these great updates coming! I know the joy i f seeing him get back into his routine is sooooooo thrilling! Makes it all worthwhile and Vinny would second that!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. jerry says:

    Hoppy One Week Ampvuersary Vinny! Look at how confident you look, you’ve done so great!

    I think most dogs and cats have ups and downs after surgery. Sometimes the ‘downs’ are due to too much activity. If you’re overdoing things you may want to take it easy and cut back the acrobatics for now, at least till you’re stronger.

    Let us know what the vet says OK?

  3. jerry says:

    Oh neat! I just saw that second photo! Hoorrrray Vinny, you conquered the chair!

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