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Ultra furry afternoon cat nap! :)

We are extremely happy to report that the oncology Doctor says that Vinny is officially in “Remission”. 🙂

Vinny is now 2.5 months post amputation and has had 4 chemo treatments. On Friday he had his chest X-Ray and ultrasound re-checks to examine his internal organs to see if the cancer has spread anywhere. All the diagnostics came back completely normal! This is such welcome news. Since hemangiosarcoma is a blood cell cancer, it can be very metastatic, so I was really worried before this visit about what we’d find. But, the doctors say he looks amazing, and is doing very well. 🙂 YAY!

He has a different issue that we’ve been working on pinning down down for a while now. It’s the lip thing he had in my last post. It went away and came back twice since then. Since it has been somewhat responsive to antibiotics, so we’re hopeful that is a sign that it is not a new cancer. It is not consistent with hemangiosarcoma, but we can’t completely rule out a new type of cancer until we know more. But more likely, is an pesky infection of some kind or an autoimmune disorder called eosinophilic granuloma complex, which can be treated successfully with steroids and a hypoallergenic diet. While he was sedated for chemo, we took a biopsy from the affected part of his mouth, so we could get a definitive answer and decide what to do about it. It should take a week or so for results. The positive thing is that it hasn’t affected him in any way and he is eating and drinking completely normal. I actually think he is feeling better than ever, and he is extra cuddly and more comfortable in this cooler autumn weather. His mobility as a tripawd is amazing and he has no problem now getting up just about anywhere he likes.

Two more chemo treatments to go – Next one in three weeks. I’m just so relieved now after his diagnostic re-checks, that I know we can handle anything. 🙂 Every time we go to the vet, I am just so thankful when we get home healthy and happy, together again. 😀

Bros, enjoying the warm sun rays!

Apparently it's no problem getting on  the dining room table - LOL! :)

Apparently it’s no problem getting on the dining room table – LOL! 🙂

They looove the morning sun :)

They looove the morning sun 🙂

Hangin out 🙂

Enjoying some afternoon sun and checking out what’s going on outside!

The sleepy furry family all together with me on the couch

Post chemo cuddly relief 🙂

Furry Siblings!

7 Responses to “Remission!”

  1. kazann says:

    Good going Vinny. I’d sleep on the couch with all three of you if you’d let me – looks cozy. My tri-kitty Mona also seems cuddlier with the fall weather. Good luck with the mouth sore – could it be from the chemotherapy? Humans can get mouth ulcerations from chemo. Hope Vinny jumps over that hurdle as well as he jumps on to the dining table!

    Kerren and Mona

  2. tinav323 says:

    I am so happy to hear that Vinny is in remission! That is wonderful news!! I hope the mouth sore isn’t anything serious!

  3. rica55 says:

    WOW! Friday musta been the day for great Kitty news!! Jilly also had her check up on Friday and all her scans and bloodwork show she is still cancer free! Congrats to you and Vinny!! We are celebrating all the great news over here!!!

  4. bcullom says:

    So happy to read this great news, Prince Vince !! Hoping the mouth sores clear up as well. These pics are adorable, and looks like a very happy crew !!
    Keep kicking ugly “c’s” butt, Vinny, especially this particular crappy “c”, hoping for many, many happy and healthy days ahead!

    Bonnie & Angel Polly

  5. penny4weims says:

    Yeh Vinny, so great you are in remission. Good job.

  6. jerry says:

    YAAHhHHOOOOOO!!!! OK aside from the medical mystery on his lip this is fantastic news. Congratulations and thank you for sharing Vinny’s story of hope and perseverance. You’ve proven that cancer isn’t a death sentence, that life CAN go on and be good again and it’s such a hoot to see how Vince is living it up!

    We’re so thankful you are here, can’t even begin to tell you how much hope you are providing to others who are in the scary place you were both in not too long ago. Feline and canine, our Tripawd Heroes ROCK! YAY VINCE!!!

  7. KJ & Vinny says:

    Thanks so much for your love and support everyone!!! 🙂 It means a lot to us. xox

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