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So after yesterday’s “down” day, Vinny seems back to normal again. I was mostly worried that he was less chatty and less purr-y than usual. And just a tiny bit slower. Nothing too serious, and my concerns have subsided today, since he seems like a happy kitty again. One of the friendly folks at the hospital called me back this afternoon and I talked with her through my concerns from yesterday. I feel much better. We came to the conclusion together that yesterday was probably just a down day, since he is still eating, drinking, not retreating away from us, and seems normal again today. We also noted that I am obviously paying much more close attention than normal to every single little thing he is doing, so there is more opportunity to concern myself with little things.

I also decided that I am going to take him in tomorrow to get his sutures out, instead of waiting for his next appointment on Wednesday. I wanted to do both things in one shot, but his way he can get out of the e-collar a few days sooner! 🙂 Yay! I think this will help his psychological state a lot too. The e-collar limits some of his movements, vision and hearing, so having it gone will be a relief to him.

For now, I am working on reading about other kitties’ experiences throughout their chemotherapy  treatments.

Purrrrrr….. <3

Purrrrrr….. <3

2 Responses to “Nine Days – Happy Kitty”

  1. Karma says:

    What a purrty boy! Love the big eyes and white whiskers/chin. Cute cute. Hang in there. It is very common that we start looking for every little thing, so we are more prone to notice stuff that may not really be anything to worry about. I think we have all done it. I bet he can’t wait to get the collar off. Here’s to a quick recovery!
    Karma, Adelaide and the crew, and our special angel Brendol

  2. sebastian says:

    OMG Vinny, you will soon be cone free!!! As much as Sebastian hated the cone, I have to admit those blue flexible ones are soooo much better than the hard plastic ones. You’re right that it helps their psychological state to get it off though.

    I got really worried when Sebastian started showing real signs of pain but once I reminded myself that he was on pain meds and eventually he’s going to feel some pain, we just dealt with it. Fortunately it was short lived and I’m glad it was for Vinny too!

    BTW I adore all of your pictures, especially the chair stool! And I adore his little beard!

    Jenn and Sebastian

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